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  • The Tragic Birth of FM Radio (

    Armstrong sought to improve the signal quality by instead varying the radio waves’ frequency, creating Frequency Modulation radio (FM).

  • To Hell with Facebook (2021) (

    There is a now-infamous chat log between Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and a friend of his in college, wherein Zuckerberg offers to share private user information, and sums up his opinion of the people who use Facebook as “dumb f***s.” We must reluctantly concede the point.

  • The Curse of Konzo (

    Konzo can be considered a form of chronic cyanide poisoning, but it is still unclear why its symptoms differ so much from those of acute cyanide poisoning⁠—and what relationship, if any, konzo has with those other mysterious nutritional diseases, lathyrism and TAN.

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