Wonder Woman

Warner Bros.' new hit TV series MultiVersus starts airing tonight with new episodes released every other day. The new season features new characters and story arcs, and promises to be the most intense and exciting yet. MultiVersus is the brainchild of the creators of Mythbusters, and the show's website promises an "unbelievable" level of difficulty and excitement. Watch the first episode of Multiversus now and see for yourself how amazing the (techxplore.com)

Google is again sending a message to Apple: Fix the text messaging issues between Android devices and iPhones. Read article

Warner Bros.' MultiVersus Season One is Here! (pcgamer.com)

After a brief delay, MultiVersus season one has arrived. Read article

Blizzard Reveals How Overwatch 2 Will Work (kotaku.com)

That’s right, Overwatch 2 won’t be using Loot Boxes, instead opting for a more direct way of purchasing stuff: There will be no Loot Boxes in Overwatch 2. Read article

Wonder Woman's return in an upcoming mobile game (kotaku.com)

BitSummit, Japan’s leading indie games event , was held over the weekend in Kyoto, and among the games showcased was one called Tokyo Stories that has really got my attention. Read article

WB Games / Kotaku In a game full of superheroes and otherworldly creatures, one of the best fighters is actually a cartoon rabbit who is quite the stinker. That might change after he’s nerfed in the near future. (kotaku.com)

Yes, Bugs Bunny is one of the game’s most powerful and popular characters, but that might change after he’s nerfed in the near future. Read article

Input lag for MultiVersus on the PlayStation 5 has been tested to be shockingly low (eventhubs.com)

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Super Smash Bros. to Bring Shaggy and Wonder Woman to Nintendo's Platform Fighters (esquire.com)

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A first look at something new. Join us in the Prism. (youtube.com)

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Warner Bros. Brawl for $250 or more unlocked everything (videogameschronicle.com)

Players would have to spend at least $250 / £200 to unlock everything in MultiVersus at launch. Read article