Google enhances its AI-powered flood and wildfire tracking systems (zdnet.com)

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The Worst summers in history are coming, and we need to do something (kotaku.com)

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How Europe is coping with the heat wave of 2022 (ign.com)

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Wildfires rage across North America and Europe, Tens of thousands die in brutal heatwaves, water in reservoirs dried up revealing bodies long forgotten, and flooding displaced millions (kotaku.com)

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Can prevent wildfires through preventative measures (utah.edu)

Using fire-resistant building materials, establishing vegetation-free “ignition zones,” and avoiding fire-related activities when it’s hot, dry, and windy are actions that, ideally, we all can take. Read article

California Poised to Overtake Germany as World's No. 4 Economy (washingtonpost.com)

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Forest Fires Cause More Carbon Dioxide Than Lived Creatures (economist.com)

It would make sense, then, for wildfire emissions to be accounted for in the state’s emissions inventories. Read article

Wildfires in California Put twice as much greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere as the total reduction in such pollutants in California between 2003-2019” – was published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.The Wildfires in California have become a major and growing source of GHG emissions. The research found that there was a doubling of emissions from wildfires in 2020, which means that the emissions from wildfires amount to 2.6 times the emissions from the Environment Protection (ucla.edu)

“Wildfire emissions in 2020 essentially negate 18 years of reductions in greenhouse gas emission.” The research – “Up in smoke: California's greenhouse gas reductions could be wiped out by 2020 wildfires” – is published in the October edition of the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Pollution. Read article

Big Sky Fire Department Deploys Pano AI Cameras to Better Detect Wildfires (kbzk.com)

The Big Sky Fire Department is working with Pano AI, a San Francisco-based company, to set up cameras to better detect wildfires using artificial intelligence. Read article

Artificial Intelligence system detects shedhorn fire (bozemandailychronicle.com)

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AI camera system used to detect shedhorn fire (bozemandailychronicle.com)

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How AI Can Help Protect Us From Future Wildfires (forbes.com)

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Solium Infernum - Official Cinematic Trailer (youtube.com)

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T-Mobile US deploys 5G-connected cameras to help emergency services prevent wildfires (mobileworldlive.com)

T-Mobile US partnered with disaster preparation technology provider Pano AI and utility Portland General Electric to deploy 5G-connected cameras which employ AI to provide early detection of wildfires. Read article

Slime Rancher 2 Early Access Launch Trailer (youtube.com)

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T-Mobile 5G Is Linking Wildfire-Detecting AI Cameras to Put Out Fires Faster (cnet.com)

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T-Mobile 5G Is Linking Wildfire-Detecting AI Cameras to Put Out Fires Faster (cnet.com)

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There Is No Light - Official Launch Trailer (youtube.com)

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Pano AI Secures Record-Breaking Investment to Help Fire Agencies Stop Catastrophic Wildfires (globenewswire.com)

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AI helps companies with catastrophe risk (nvidia.com)

Tom Rikert, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based startup Masterful AI, is one of many experts helping them manage catastrophe risk. Read article

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies expands partnership with Zesty.ai to leverage AI-powered wildfire risk model (reinsurancene.ws)

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies has announced that it has expanded its partnership with Zesty.ai to leverage its AI-powered wildfire risk model, Z-FIRE across 12 states. Read article

Wildfires are destroying California's forest carbon credit reserves, study says (reuters.com)

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France's drought prompts public to save water (bbc.co.uk)

France's Prime Minister, Elizabeth Borne, is asking the public to save as much water as they can, saying that France is experiencing its worst drought ever. Read article

Flooding, heat waves and wildfires cause mass displacement in the US Flooding, heat waves and wildfires cause mass displacement in the US The events that have occurred in the past week across the US have left communities struggling to find housing, food and water. The effects of these disasters have been felt particularly in states along the East Coast, such as New York and Rhode Island. The death toll from the floods and fires in the US has so far reached dozens, and the displacement of people has (axios.com)

• Some climate scientists and activists raise the possibility that climate change is already resulting in surprises missing in their models, such as the breaching of the once unthinkable temperature of 104°F (40°C) in the U.K., for example. Read article

Air and ground vehicle system designed to fight wildfires (abc7.com)

New technology created by CSUN students could potentially prevent wildfires in seconds It's a system that could work at a fire's earliest stages in remote locations that can't be reached using traditional methods. Read article

How to Interpret Technical Indicators to Foresee Climate Risks (ycombinator.com)

Are you moving away from the equator? Read article

AI Machine Modelling – software that lets users recreate the sound of hardware (guitar.com)

IK Multimedia has announced AI Machine Modelling – a new software that lets users virtually recreate the sound of hardware from amps to a variety of pedals such as fuzz, overdrive, distortion, EQ and boost. Read article

AI-assisted firefighting saves California (govtech.com)

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See Thru Jet Engine (youtube.com)

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Heat Wave Kills 1,100 in Spain and Portugal in Record Time (axios.com)

Over 1,100 people have died in Spain and Portugal from heat-related causes over the past week as an unprecedented heat wave moves through Europe. Read article

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