Tumblr Gets the Last Laugh (theatlantic.com)

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Tumblr brings mature content back, after 4 years (tumblr.com)

Updating our Community Guidelines and internal procedures is necessary to address a very real threat to members of the Tumblr community. Read article

Tumblr and why 'the porn-friendly era of the internet is over' (theguardian.com)

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"5 Trends for the Data Revolution" (accelerationeconomy.com)

In Part 1 of this series, “How to Treat Deliverables as Assets in AI and Data Projects,” we identified and anticipated the key elements of data projects as well as showed how projects should be treated as assets that must return value. Read article

Return to Monkey Island - Developer Update Trailer (youtube.com)

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Instagram Tests Reposting Feature That Mimics Other Social Networks (theverge.com)

If you can believe it, Instagram is testing a new feature that mimics other social networks. Read article

The best anti-Prime Day tech deals happening at Best Buy (theverge.com)

The best laptop deals at Best Buy The Asus ROG Zephyrus G15, one of our top picks for the best gaming laptop you can buy , down from its usual price of $1,849.99. Read article

Philips is discounting bundles of its outdoor accessories (theverge.com)

This includes outdoor lighting strips, accent lighting, as well as other Hue essentials you may want, like the Hue outdoor sensor and Hue Bridge, the latter of which lets you easily control and coordinate your smart lights through an app. Read article

Why Is Everyone Using NGL on Instagram? (lifehacker.com)

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The Truth About What Trump Said About the Meddling of the FBI When President Trump said the FBI was "meddling" in the Clinton campaign, he was actually saying something that's been floating around for years. (neilgaiman.com)

My current crusade is to make sure creative people have wills. Read article

The 20 best gifts for mom in 2022: birthdays, anniversaries, and more (theverge.com)

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