MK Yuli Edelstein urges abolishing grandchild clause in Law of Return (

The ultra-Orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism parties and the far-right Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit parties submitted the request during coalition talks. Read article

Redwire's SpaceCREST Cybersecurity Platform to Protect Next-Generation Space Communications Hardware for DARPA Program (

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Samsung releases December 2022 security update, starting with Galaxy S20 (

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Balance Theory Announces Oversubscribed $3 Million Seed Funding Introducing Industry's First Hardened Collaborative Workspace for Cybersecurity (

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Toppan Develops Digital Twin Solution for Linking Spaces with Virtual Reality Reconstruction (

As a new function, Toppan has now developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that makes it possible for multiple moving robots to identify people whose images have been uploaded in advance. Read article

The Android December security patch is here (

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Skills, Cloud, Cybersecurity Drive Increase in HR Tech Spending (

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Android 13 QPR1 for Google Pixel phones rolling out with December security patch (

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Latest statement from Panda Global announces that Dr. Alan is no longer CEO, Panda Cup postponed due to security concerns (

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OpenAI's ChatGPT is a game changer (

From precisely spotting security vulnerabilities in your code, to writing an essay or an entire block of functional code on a whim, to opening portals to another dimension, OpenAI's newly launched ChatGPT is a game changer with its possibilities seeming limited only by your limitedness. Read article

Bitcoin forks: What you need to know Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system, first proposed by an anonymous person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning that there is no central authority that can control or manipulate it. Bitcoin can be exchanged between people and businesses without the need for a bank or other third party. Bitcoin forks are a common occurrence in the cryptocurrency world, as developers and users work to improve (

The InvisDefense team used an algorithm to configure the pattern that was the least conspicuous to the human eye but could still trick a security camera into not identifying its wearer. Read article

How to scale and upskill your citizens developers (

Even in the midst of a possible recession, it’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) experts expect innovation to continue — especially when it comes to generative AI. Read article

AI bot ChatGPT stuns academics with essay-writing skills and usability (

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ChatGPT Could Impact Computer Science Job Security ChatGPT Could Impact Computer Science Job Security (

Ask HN: What field in computer science will be AI proof Seeing the rise of ChatGPT, I am convinced companies will be using this and services like it in the future to drastically reduce the number of engineers needed. Read article

How to protect your device against security issues with Android updates (

Łukasz Siewierski, a member of Google's Android Security Team, has a post on the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (AVPI) issue tracker detailing leaked platform certificate keys that are actively being used to sign malware. Read article

Rackspace Exchange security breach due to other issues (

I wrote about ProxyNotShell, a vulnerability I named — sorry, here: ProxyNotShell — the story of the claimed zero days in Microsoft Exchange | by Kevin Beaumont | DoublePulsar Early this morning, Rackspace clarified it is a security incident: Now, it is possible the Rackspace breach happened due to other issues — but as a general reminder I would suggest a few key points on the threat: • The Microsoft supplied mitigations for ProxyNotShell are bypassable. Read article

Demystifying AI and Machine Learning to Enhance SOC Detection (

Carole Boijaud, a cybersecurity engineer with Credit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform (CA-GIP), will take the stage at next week's Black Hat Europe 2022 conference to detail the research into the technique, in a session entitled, "Thresholds Are for Old Threats: Demystifying AI and Machine Learning to Enhance SOC Detection." Read article

SEPTA's New AI Security Program (

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How to Scale Citizen Developers with Low Code (

The labor challenges afflicting cybersecurity teams far and wide are no secret. Read article

Anker’s $10 Camera Charger Lets You Stream Video From Another Country without Encryption (

Anker has built a remarkable reputation for quality over the past decade, building its phone charger business into an empire spanning all sorts of portable electronics — including the Eufy home security cameras we’ve recommended over the years. Read article

Microsoft Is Forcing Me to Buy MacBooksWindows Modern Standby (

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Rackspace rocked by 'security incident' that has taken out some hosted Exchange services (

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Libxml2 and CVE-2022 The libxml2 library is vulnerable to a denial of service attack when parsing an XML document with the empty attribute value, as demonstrated by a specially crafted document. This attack can result in a reset of the document pointer, a crash of the application, or even an execution of arbitrary code. CVE-2022 (

Since Monterey and Ventura both use the same open source library libxml2, and Monterey is still vulnerable to CVE-2022-40303, I suspect that it's still vulnerable to CVE-2022-40304 as well. Read article

Gartner analysts reveal 8 cybersecurity predictions for 2023 (

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Rackspace to thousands of customers: Server outage was caused by security incident (

American cloud computing services provider Rackspace says an ongoing outage affecting its hosted Microsoft Exchange environments and likely thousands of customers was caused by a security incident. Read article

DHS looks to build up workforce’s proficiency in data and artificial intelligence (

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Cybersecurity and Finance: Why Preventing Attacks is Financially Critical? (

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Google releases Chrome 108.0.5359.94/.95 for Windows, Mac, and Linux users (

Google has released Chrome 108.0.5359.94/.95 for Windows, Mac, and Linux users to address a single high-severity security flaw, the ninth Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild patched since the start of the year. Read article

Google releases Chrome 108.0.5359.94/95 for Windows, Mac, and Linux (

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"5 Tips to Speed Up Your Startups" (

Even in the midst of a possible recession, it’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) experts expect innovation to continue — especially when it comes to generative AI. Read article

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