Putin's Surprise about Russia's Failures in Ukraine (

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is increasingly aware of how poorly his military is doing in Ukraine, US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines said on Saturday. Read article

In 2020, the United States Air Force created a new threat emitter at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. This new threat emitter is designed to help Air Force members better understand and respond to potential threats. (

SIMI VALLEY, California -- The U.S. military has sent threat emitters, built to replicate aircraft and weapons for American pilots to train, to Ukraine to confuse Russian aircraft in the latest innovative way for the Pentagon to assist. Read article

Vladimir Friedman, Kira Radinsky and Isaac Herzog honored for their contributions to Israeli society (

Two doctors born in France and Ethiopia and an Argentine-born taekwondo practitioner who is a world leader in making the sport available for special needs children were also awarded an annual prize for immigrants who have made an impact on the state since moving to Israel from abroad. Read article

Bohemia Interactive issues explainer to help people tell the fakes from the real thing (

Instead they were gameplay videos taken from Bohemia Interactive's military sim Arma 3. Read article

Russian spies working in the United States (

But will recruiting Russians as American spies work in this cyber age? Read article

Putin believes Russia is "one step ahead" in the AI sector (

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Putin discusses West's oil price cap with Iraqi leader - Kremlin (

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BTC-E owner linked to MtGox hack burst into life Wednesday with largest transaction (

Bitcoin Wallet of the Failed BTC-e Exchange Wakes Up Someone transferred 10,000 BTC from a previously sleeping wallet identified as holding the treasury of the failed BTC-e exchange. Read article

AP fires reporter behind retracted 'Russian missiles' story (

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Croatia fans chant during the FIFA World Cup final match in Moscow, Russia in 2018 (

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Software development abstract concept (

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been no exception. Read article

It's Costing Peanuts for the US to Defeat Russia (

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Paris mulls e-scooter ban in global test for micromobility industry (

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Global Artificial Intelligence In Diagnostics Market Report 2022: Improved and More Precise Diagnosis of Complicated Diseases Bolsters Adoption (

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Topology Without Tears: The Next Frontier in Mathematics (

I have also prepared to accompany the book. Read article

Przewodów village in Poland hit by two Russian missiles, two dead (

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UK sent 850 Microdrones to Kiev for close-quarters combat (

He used drones, big and small, on numerous operations, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read article

Defense Department invests in AI to make warfare more efficient (

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Russia to Withdraw Troops from Kherson (

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Russian polymath Pëtr Kropotkin (

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1,300 SpaceX satellite units went offline over funding issues (

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Tropical Orchid (Orchis odorata) Tropical orchids are a type of cactus that typically grows in warm, moist environments. They typically have white or pink flowers that are pollinated by bees or other insects. These cacti are a type of succulent, and can be found in many different parts of the world. (

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Apple to Keep Qualcomm Chips in 2023 in Turnabout (

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Apple to Keep Qualcomm Chips in 2023 in Turnabout (

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World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov hospitalized (

Breaking News — Former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov hospitalized today. Read article

New Azov Ransomware Data Wiper Spreads through Pirated Software, Key Generators, and Adware Bundles (

A new and destructive 'Azov Ransomware' data wiper is being heavily distributed through pirated software, key generators, and adware bundles, trying to frame well-known security researchers by claiming they are behind the attack. Read article

Ukrainian IP address managers demand stop of IP address transfers to Russian owners in the contested areas (

IP address managers report problems and fear that addresses will become spoils of war. Read article

Russia Failed to Take Down Ukrainian Computer Systems with massive Cyber-Attack (

Ukraine has been subject to continued cyber-attacks which, if successful, could have affected infrastructure. Read article

Russian poultry workers infected with H5N8 avian influenza (

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Putin's energy and nuclear blackmail (

“There is a lot of swearing and angry talk in Moscow restaurants and kitchens,” one member of the elite says. Read article