Bad news: Headlines are indeed getting more negative and angrier (

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How to calculate your return on investment in coffee (

It’s not how much money someone makes currently. Read article

The brain waves you see (

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ArcRunner - Official Announcement Trailer (

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Hikaru Nakamura: Chess, Magnus, Kasparov, and the Psychology of Greatness (

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Dark triad personality traits associated with overt displays of virtue and victimhood (

The study suggests that people with dark personalities use these signals of “virtuous victimhood” to deceptively extract resources from others. Read article

Do You Want to Be a Better Performance Psychologist in the Workplace? (

Ask HN: Performance Psychology in the Workplace? Read article

Workplace Safety Threatened by robot overload (

A new study carried out by the American Psychological Association has found that working alongside robots could contribute to job burnout and insecurity, as well as workplace incivility. Read article

Selfies: A New Form of Communication (

As a dopamine agonist drug, pramipexole is believed to work by stimulating dopamine receptors in the brain that have degenerated. Read article

How Huichol tribes use hallucinations to communicate with the spirits (

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Can We Reverse Our Psychological Age And Get Happier At The Same Time Using Artificial Intelligence? (

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Can we generate preferences in older people that resemble younger people when we expand their theoretical time horizons? (

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Can You Earn 9.62% APY on US Treasury I Bonds? (

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Cognitive Science: What It Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do Cognitive science is the umbrella term that encompasses a variety of different disciplines that work together to understand the cognitive functioning of the human mind and the underlying mental processes. The five main branches of cognitive science are cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive anthropology, cognitive metaphysics, and cognitive linguistics. The cognitive science field is divided into five main branches: cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive anthropology, cognitive metaph (

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NYU Psychology Professor Resigns Over Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Goals Jonathan Haidt's resigning from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology is a pointer to a larger issue: the politicization of academic inquiry. In a September article, Headline: NYU Psychology Professor Resigns Over Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Goals, Haidt warned that the displacement of intellectual inquiry by ideological rigidity is corroding institutions of (

Such diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements have proliferated at universities and in academic societies, he notes, even though "most academic work has nothing to do with diversity, so these mandatory statements force many academics to betray their quasi-fiduciary duty to the truth by spinning, twisting, or otherwise inventing some tenuous connection to diversity." Read article

25 Years of Daniel Kahneman's Adversarial Collaboration (

Daniel Kahneman’s Edge Bio Page Daniel Kahneman, while known for his work with Amos Tversky in the 1970s on judgment and decision-making, hopes that part of his scientific legacy will be the practice of adversarial collaboration, which he initiated in 2001. Read article

Deep learning models fail to capture the configural nature of human shape perception The team relied on novel visual stimuli referred to as “Frankensteins,” which helped them explore how both the human brain and DCNNs process holistic, configural object properties. (

A new study from York University shows that deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) don’t match human visual processing by using configural shape perception. Read article

Cybersickness Could Spell an Early Death for the Metaverse (

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The Psychology of Cognitive Bias (

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Are Youpresidenting yourself? Do you feel like you’re the only one who’s struggling with how to lead their team and maintain their focus during a pandemic? The answer is probably not. In fact, according to a recent study by The American Psychological Association, sixty-eight percent of employees feel like they are managing themselves poorly during a pandemic. The study also found that employees are more likely to give up if their leader does not have a plan for managing the (

A few months ago, a complete stranger gave me $10,000. Read article

If you think your preparation will help you later, you will probably be right, a new study says (

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Parents’ genes linked to both cognitive and non-cognitive skills affect their child’s educational outcomes Parents’ genes are linked to both cognitive and non-cognitive skills, which affects their child’s academic outcomes. The research was conducted with a sample of 526 children from the UK. The results showed that the children who had higher cognitive abilities tended to perform better in school than those who had lower cognitive abilities. The children who had higher non-cognitive skills (

Nature Communications Estimating effects of parents’ cognitive and non-cognitive skills on offspring education using polygenic scores Understanding how parents’ cognitive and non-cognitive skills influence offspring education is essential for educational, family and economic policy. Read article is scaling back on some features (

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Do You Have a Second Brain? (

And imagine this alter ego isn’t simply an idle passenger. Read article

The Psychological Benefits of Believing in Conspiracy Theories (

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How artificial intelligence is changing the world (

We are working toward AGI by trying to better understand the human mind, and better understand the human mind by working toward AGI. Read article

Parent with alcohol addiction increases risk of addiction to highly processed foods (

Summary: Having a parent who experiences alcohol addiction increases the risk a person will become addicted to highly processed foods, a new study reports. Read article

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Us (

We are working toward AGI by trying to better understand the human mind, and better understand the human mind by working toward AGI. Read article

What Kind of Person Are You? (

Why Trauma Doesn’t Exist According To Adlerian Psychology An idea that can renew our life and perspective. Read article

Meet Plato, an AI That Gains Intuition Like a Human Baby (

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