Magnetic fridge poetry (theverge.com)

It was the beginning of a creative avalanche that simply isn’t possible on other social media sites — a phenomenon that the cohost community has since dubbed “CSS crimes.” While major social media giants cling to uniformity and standardized posts, cohost throws all of this corporate banality out the window. Read article

Classic Poems in A Beautiful Design App (apple.com)

Discover and read classic poems in a beautifully designed app. Read article

Frank O’Hara: A Life in Poetry (newrepublic.com)

In an apocryphal anecdote, Jack Kerouac drunkenly heckled O’Hara during a reading: “You’re killing American poetry, O’Harry.” To which O’Hara reportedly replied: “That’s more than you could do.” It’s hard to think of Frank O’Hara taking something called “American poetry” very seriously. Read article

Intel is Hiding Data from Us: What GPU Benchmarks Don't Tell You (youtube.com)

Read article

Did Pessoa really control his alter egos? (thenation.com)

In Portuguese the word pessoa means “person”; in Latin it means “mask” or “character.” Pessoa spent his life adopting personas, masks, and characters from almost the moment he began his writing career. Read article

How OpenAI's GPT-3 Can Write Copy That's Impressivehumanlike (techcrunch.com)

Sophisticated AI systems like OpenAI’s GPT-3 can write prose that’s impressively human-like, or at least good enough to fool the average person. Read article

AI Ethics: Redefining Expectations (bangkokpost.com)

Yet AI ethicists and researchers warn that some businesses are exaggerating the capabilities -- hype that they say is brewing widespread misunderstanding and distorting policy makers' views of the power and fallibility of such technology. Read article

“And the Poetry Is Born” The first issue of Fuck You featured an introduction by Pound, and the first poem read was “Furiousonion” by Jay Parrott. The journal was published quarterly and was filled with creative writing, poetry, and criticism from various poets and writers. In 1965, Fuck You was merged with another literary journal, The Groove, and ceased publication. However, the magazine’s impact and legacy has been (ubu.com)

Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (1962-1965) Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts was an absolutely vital literary magazine founded in 1962 by the poet Ed Sanders and published from a “secret location on the Lower East Side” of New York City. Read article

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