North Korea

3 easy steps to fixing a relationship that’s gone bad If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and it seems like it’s going bad, there are a few steps you can take to help it improve. Here are three easy tips: 1. Talk to your partner. One of the first things you can do is talk to your partner. This will help to start the rebuilding process and will let you know what is going (

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North Korea's Lazarus team installs Windows rootkit that abuses Dell hardware driver (

The notorious North Korean hacking group 'Lazarus' was seen installing a Windows rootkit that abuses a Dell hardware driver in a Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver attack. Read article

North Korean hacker using PuTTY and KiTTY SSH utilities to deploy backdoors on targets' devices (

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North Korea's Hacker Arm Push Trojanized PuTTY to backdoor networks (

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Terrorist financing using virtual currencies (

On August 8, 2022, OFAC designated the entity Tornado Cash for facilitating the laundering of proceeds of cybercrimes, including those committed by the Lazarus Group, a North Korea state-sponsored hacking group that was sanctioned in 2019. Read article

Federal Modernization: Aligning AI with Agency Missions (

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Mac OS X Hackers Use Malicious Executable to Impersonate Coinbase (

North Korean hackers from the Lazarus group have been using a signed malicious executable for macOS to impersonate Coinbase and lure in employees in the financial technology sector. Read article

macOS Hackers Use Malicious executable to impersonate Coinbase (

While some of those may have more limited use than others, we're thinking that this latest could be a big one thanks to just how popular e-commerce is for everyone, with At a Glance working on status updates for food and household delivery orders. Read article

New Chrome malware spies on your Gmail — what to do now (

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North Korea's new SHARPEXT malware (

Researchers have unearthed never-before-seen malware that hackers from North Korea have been using to surreptitiously read and download email and attachments from infected users' Gmail and AOL accounts. Read article

New research finds that the type of file vs. the size of the file can affect the speed of a web page. (

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North Korean-backed threat group using malicious browser extension to steal emails (

A North Korean-backed threat group tracked as Kimsuky is using a malicious browser extension to steal emails from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge users reading their webmail. Read article

North Korean state-sponsored hackers using Maui ransomware to target healthcare companies and public health institutions (

North Korean state-sponsored hackers are using Maui ransomware to target the healthcare companies and public health institutions, the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies have warned. Read article