GitHub releases two open source fonts (

Learn why the GitHub Design Infrastructure team built a dedicated color tool and how they use it to create new color palettes for GitHub. Read article

Space Invaders: A 2D Shoot 'em up Game Made with GoEbitEngine, Donburi, and Tiled (

Most of this game was created during October 2022. Read article

I've fuzzed parts of the GitHub API. Here are my findings (

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Cessna 152 Enhancement Mod Developer steps back from project due to lack of time (

N95JPL, who created and has now worked on a freeware Cessna 152 enhancement mod for over 2 years, has officially stepped back from the project, stating on their discord server that they will be terminating their work on the project effective immediately. Read article

How to Choose the Right Terminal Emulator for Your Unix System (

I don't need tabs, or sessions, or startup scripts or even mouse support. Read article

Act: Run your GitHub Actions locally (

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Datadog Security Labs Identifies compromised Python package FastAPI that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary python code and SQL queries in the context of the web application (

On November 23rd, 2022, the Datadog Security Labs team identified a utility Python package on PyPI related to FastAPI, , that has likely been compromised by a malicious actor. Read article

Coding is dying, but low-code is growing” (

The difference between coding and programming While programming and coding fall under the same umbrella of skill sets, programming is a superset of coding. Read article

Linkedin and GitHub launch free software development courses (

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In the List of Top Programming Languages on GitHub, C And C++ have Climbed Up the Rankings (

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Termux App 0.119 Released with New Android 5 Support Termux App 0.119 Released with New Android 5 Support (

Support for android 5 and 6 was re-added to termux-app in beginning of 2022, but no support or package updates are planned. Read article

TinyLlama: A Console for DOS Games (

It looks like your JavaScript is disabled. Read article

How to compress your website to 10KB (

The 10 KB Club is a curated collection of websites whose home pages do not exceed 10 KB compressed size. Read article

MicroVMs and GitHub Actions: How to fix yourself (

There's three parts to this post: • A quick debrief on Firecracker and MicroVMs vs legacy solutions • Exploring friction with GitHub Actions from a hosted and self-hosted perspective • Blazing fast CI with Actuated, and additional materials for learning more about Firecracker I learned about Firecracker mostly by experimentation, building bigger and more useful prototypes. Read article

Programming languages: C++ overtakes PHP, but JavaScript, Python and Java still rule (

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GitHub Copilot Isn't Worth the Risk (

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Python for .NET 3.0.0 Released (

Aqua is described as providing powerful tools for test automation engineers, along with a combination of language-specifi [ ... ] OpenSilver 1.1 Released Offering 99% Silverlight Compatibility OpenSilver 1.1 has been released with improvements including over 100 new Silverlight features and three times faster performance compared to version 1.0. Read article

Security flaws in AI and machine learning (

And what if insecure AI-generated code then feeds back into that code base? Read article

Africa’s statistical tragedy African_Statistical_Tragedy_and_the_Known_Variables African_Statistical_Tragedy_and_the_Known_Variables_Research_Gate (

4 Alternative approaches to constructing the asset wealth index result in indices that are highly correlated. Read article

Show HN: Use Slack Emoji on GitHub (

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GitHub's Copilot Takes the Keyboard Out of Coding (

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How to build a weather station with Raspberry Pi This post describes the build-process. You can find more about the software in the GitHub repo. The final build We almost always want to know today's weather before leaving the apartment. Often the whole event is quite a hassle: there's a lot of work to be done, and it can be a bit of a pain to get everything set up. Fortunately, there's a way to do this without having to (

I decided to build a DIY battery powered e-ink weather display for our home. Read article

LinkedIn Empowers Software Developers! Integrates GitHub Codespaces (

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Luna is a powerful and intuitive text editor for WebAssembly. (

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GitHub releases new speech recognition tool (

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Microsoft Announces AI Tools, New Collaboration Options, and Security Enhancements for Copilot (

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TechForge Media: 10th November 2022: The Year of the Geek (

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Million Integer Vector with UMAPDimensionality Reduction Algorithm (

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GitHub Finally Adds Voice to its Developer Tools (

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