3 Companies Making AI a Reality in the Food Industry (foodingredientsfirst.com)

06 Dec 2022 --- As the food industry attempts to solve the modern problems of sustainable food production, leaders, manufacturers and scientists are turning toward an equally modern solution: AI. Read article

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And The Future Of Entertainment (forbes.com)

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Carvana to axe online purchase process (themanual.com)

Carvana was once heralded as the future of the car-buying process. Read article

LG's jaw-dropping G2 OLED TV is $1000 off at Amazon now (tomsguide.com)

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New York City Council Bills Would Hinder Right-to-repair Industry (vice.com)

One bill in particular is causing angst within the right-to-repair industry because it would ban the sale of all used lithium-ion batteries that have been assembled or reconditioned from cells removed from other batteries for any type of electronic device, not just two-wheeled vehicles. Read article

Hands-On with Gran Turismo Sophy, GT7's New Artificial Intelligence System (gtplanet.net)

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OnePlus collaborating with Keychron to make a mechanical keyboard news (gsmarena.com)

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Base-60 and The Salamis Tablet 17 Appendix D: The Salamis Tablet and The YBC 7289 18 Appendix E: The Salamis Tablet and The Salamis Tablet's Use in YABC 19 Appendix F: A possible sequence of abaci development 20 Appendix G: Roman hand abacus design compromise 21 Appendix H: Unused dashed lines in the first, second, and third abacus designs 22 Appendix I: Roman hand abacus (ethw.org)

I hope you find Ancient Computers interesting and useful, P.S. Read article

What Does It Mean to Future-Proof a City, Landscape or Building with AI? (archdaily.com)

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“Teddy bears working on new AI research on the moon in the 1980s” (theconversation.com)

Google, research firm OpenAI and AI vendor Stability AI have each developed a text-to-image image generator powerful enough that some observers are questioning whether in the future people will be able to trust the photographic record. Read article

Turbo S14 integrated amplifier: 150wpc into 4 Ohms (darko.audio)

Rotel has this week announced the S14: a ‘just add loudspeakers’ streaming integrated amplifier that promises 150wpc into 4 Ohms via high-current output transistors and an in-house made toroidal transformer. Read article

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Validating Potential Use of Wide-Field Optical Coherence Tomography (WF-OCT) in Head and Neck Surgeries (yahoo.com)

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Lawful Interception Global Market Report 2022: Leveraging AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology Crucial for Future Growth (yahoo.com)

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UK’s renewable energy sector booming (technative.io)

World events have brought security of supply sharply into focus, placing new impetus on governments to accelerate alternative energy projects. Read article

ChatGPT using Open AI solves coding problems for free, may put jobs of many coders at risk in future (indiatoday.in)

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Amazon's Kindle Scribe Bet that Handwriting is the Future of E-Readers (cnet.com)

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Spectre in DNF Duel teased as future DLC, incoming Grand Balance Patch announced (eventhubs.com)

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Apple's M2 Max Chip Leaked and What to Expect in the MacBook Pro Early Next Year (macrumors.com)

This week saw an alleged benchmark leak for an "M2 Max" chip expected to make an appearance in upcoming Macs like the MacBook Pro early next year, as well as fresh rumors about the iPhone 15 coming later in the year. Read article

This Is The Future Of Waste Management (hackaday.com)

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ChatGPT Could Impact Computer Science Job Security ChatGPT Could Impact Computer Science Job Security (ycombinator.com)

Ask HN: What field in computer science will be AI proof Seeing the rise of ChatGPT, I am convinced companies will be using this and services like it in the future to drastically reduce the number of engineers needed. Read article

Rho announce release of Custom Attributes as a new accounting reconciliation feature (accountingtoday.com)

American Express launches a B2B payments ecosystem; a new service uses artificial intelligence to fill out tax returns; AvidXchange now offers cross-border payments; an E&Y tool aims at upskilling workers; and other news and updates from the accounting tech world. Read article

PlayStation Plus Officially Copies One of Xbox Game Pass' Best Features (comicbook.com)

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The Best Books to Read When You're Worried about the Future (ycombinator.com)

What’s the best book you’ve read in 2022? Read article

Use Disney Dreamlight Valley codes to redeem free tickets (pcgamesn.com)

Here are the active codes that you can currently redeem in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Redeeming Disney Dreamlight Valley codes is simple, all you need to do is open the settings menu and click on the help tab where you will see a redemption code box. Read article

Hidetaka Miyazaki: Elden Ring and Dark Souls winner (videogameschronicle.com)

Elden Ring and Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has said he’s trying not to get distracted by the huge success of his latest title, which picked up two awards on Friday. Read article

OpenAI's ChatGPT writes and reviews code in seconds (indiatoday.in)

By Abhik Sengupta: Open AI, a research firm specialising in artificial intelligence, has released an AI-powered chatbot, dubbed ChatGPT, for public testing. Read article

Auto Remarketing Podcast: Brad Burns, associate vice president of vehicle information for Manheim at Cox Automotive, and Fyusion chief product officer and co-founder Stephen Miller join the show (autoremarketing.com)

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In 1985, Back to the Future fans would love to see a desk clock inspired by the classic DeLorean. This beauty pays homage to the film by incorporating a section of the time circuits that returns to the future. (hackaday.com)

[Stephen Holdaway] needed a desk clock, and decided to whip something up from scratch. Read article

Andreessen Horowitz Tech Site Future.com Shuts Down, Staff Leave (businessinsider.com)

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Global Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Market (2022 to 2027) - Growing Need for Cloud-Based Security Solutions Among SMES Presents Opportunities (yahoo.com)

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