Boston Office foot traffic shows gaps similar to the previous two months when compared to 2019 figures (

Office foot traffic in July 2022 shows gaps similar to the previous two months when compared to 2019 figures, suggesting many employees that will return to the office have already done so, a report from analytics firm said. Read article

Streetcars and the railways of San Francisco (

Dozens of streetcar routes once marked the streets of the Bay Area, from San Francisco’s Mission District to the hills of Oakland. Read article

A town in the future The town in the future is a place where cars drive themselves around and people wear clothing that is robotic. (

You can download and install Google’s Messages app from the Play Store if you don’t mind making the switch, though apps like Pushbullet can help you send and receive text messages from inside your web browser too. Read article

Google Fiber plans 5-state growth spurt, biggest since 2015 (

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These Ancient Cities in Minecraft Are Spooky by default (

As if the deep dark weren't daunting enough, intrepid builders are out here pulling off entire redesigns of Minecraft 1.19's huge new ancient cities. Read article

Can You Trust Google? ( is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Read article

The Limits of Centralization: A Look at the History of Biotech (

Drawing on my own experience working at biotech startups and DAOs, as well as conversations with biotech leaders exploring decentralized models (some of which have helped identify new cures), I’ve put together a guide to decentralization in biotech that covers what’s happening in the field today and where it could go in the coming years. Read article

China allows robo taxis - without backup drivers - in parts of two major cities (

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Baidu bags China's first fully driverless robotaxi licenses (

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Asustek Computer and its affiliate Taiwan Web Service (TWS)launch a 5G AI Ready Platform (

Asustek Computer and its affiliate Taiwan Web Service (TWS) have launched a 5G AI Ready Platform in cooperation with Intel and Taiwan Mobile, looking to integrate AI, 5G and edge computing applications and help Taiwan's small and medium-size enterprises boost competitiveness. Read article

Argo AI formation of safety panel (

As autonomous vehicle testing ramps up, Argo AI announced the formation of a panel of outside experts to oversee the safe deployment of its technology. Read article

“The Koch Brothers and the Revolution in Transportation” Huber was not familiar with either the article or the New York City Democratic Socialists of America, but he knew that the DSA was associated with Bernie Sanders’ campaign. So he researched the organization and found an article online that same month written by DSA member Shaun King that discussed how the Koch brothers were using transportation investments to finance a secret anti-democratic plot to control the world’s oil resources. (

The headline was “Ban Private Jets.” “I was like ‘yes, of course we should,’” Huber recounted to Motherboard. Read article

Peutinger Map: The Itinerarium Antonini (

Below 'Iter vestrum' (latin for 'Your trip') enter an 'ab' (from) and 'ad' (to) name as can be found on the Peutinger map (or in the Itinerarium Antonini for the westernmost area). Read article

10 Tips to Keep Your Net Home Clean Net Home Cleaning Tips (

GeoCities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. Read article

Remove 10 Minute Timer From Google Google has removed the timer feature from its search engine, making it harder for users to set a timer and timer combinations. This change may not be a coincidence, as it seems that Google is looking to reduce the amount of time users spend trying to set a timer. (

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Shenzhen accelerates China's driverless car dreams (

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Why the car is considered a liberator (

Before other auto promoters, Charles Hayes saw that industry leaders had to reshape the traffic safety debate. Read article

Rockstar plans to release GTA VI much larger than any other title (

Having just recovered from the big report that leaked GTA 6 details such as the location and protagonists, another source has shed light on early plans for the game for us. Read article

DALL-E 2 Creates Urban Streets That Are Car-Free (

While many have begun using AI tools like DALL-E to generate absurdist memes and surreal fantasy illustrations, Zach Katz, the 28 year-old artist and musician behind the account, uses the machine learning system to visualize alternate versions of American cities—ones that prioritize people instead of cars. Read article

Microsoft to Hold In-Person Tech Event in October (

Microsoft is holding an in-person tech event in October, the first since the coronavirus pandemic began more than two years ago. Read article

How urban bike-sharing startups are Correction for sidewalk riding (

Shared micromobility companies have been adopting startlingly advanced new tech to correct for the thing that cities hate most — sidewalk riding. Read article

How Shared Micromobility Companies Are Correcting for Sidewalk Riding (

Grand Theft Auto 6 will reportedly feature a female playable character in its campaign for the first time. Read article

Google Adds Photorealistic Aerial Views to 100 landmarks in Google Maps (

Google is adding “photorealistic aerial views” to almost 100 landmarks in Google Maps, the company announced on Wednesday. Read article

Property prices force people to abandon hope of owning home (

The upshot is the perennial issue of housing costs has become one of acute housing inequality, and an entire generation is at risk of being left behind. Read article

Seagate 30 TB+ HAMR HDDs To Ship By Mid-2023 (

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" GM and Other Big Businesses Are Conspiracyacists" 2.5 GM, NCL, and the streetcar conspiracy 2.6 Court proceedings 2.7 Outcome 2.8 Legacy 1 Summary In 2002, GM, NCL, and American City Lines were convicted of conspiring to own or control transit systems in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. The suit created lingering suspicions that the defendants had in fact plotted to dismantle streetcar (

Alleged conspiracy by GM and others to replace streetcar lines with buses The General Motors streetcar conspiracy refers to convictions of General Motors (GM) and other companies that were involved in monopolizing the sale of buses and supplies to National City Lines (NCL) and its subsidiaries, and to allegations that the defendants conspired to own or control transit systems, in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Read article

'Hitachi releases new 360Pass technology to make Genoa's public transport network smarter, more predictable and more attractive to the masses' (

Hitachi, the Japanese firm best known for its iconic Shinkansen bullet trains, has rolled out new technology across the city to make its public transport network smarter, more predictable and more attractive to the masses. Read article

UK set to become home to world's largest automated drone superhighway (

"This drone capability has existed for quite some time, but is in its infancy in terms of being actually part of our society and being a usable application," he said. Read article

How London's oldest underground railway used a similar concept (

Through the years, though, major cities could afford to experiment with some pretty far-out technologies – and so it is with the London Pneumatic Despatch Railway (LPDR), a Futurama-ish tube that carried parcels and people beneath the capital in the 1860s. Read article

The Best Games to Play While Podcasting... | Slightly Something Else (

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