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Features | Are You Sitting Comfortably? An Oral History Of Warp's Artificial Intelligence (

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And The Future Of Entertainment (

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Tesla Cyber Bike Concept Reveals All You Need To Know About The Future Of Transportation (

However, this isn’t an official Tesla concept, heck it isn’t even a fan-made one. Read article

Insights on the AI in Oil and Gas Global Market to 2031 - by Component, Operation and Region (

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AI Chatbot Creates Trading Bot with Pine Script (

Another lengthy opinion article was written by the AI on how Monero (XMR) “improves on Bitcoin’s technology,” with the user who posted the result opining “ChatGPT is going to put a lot of crypto bloggers out of business lol.” Meanwhile, some Twitter users have used the tool to create music, Web3 entrepreneur Jay Azhang posted a “song about losing money in crypto” written by the bot: Multiple other examples of ChatGPT’s use have been posted to Twitter, from its answers on how to choose a good crypto project, grow a Twitter audience within the nonfungible token (NFT) community, and even an email where it acts as a crypto hedge fund warning users it’s illiquid because of the collapse of FTX: The tool is free for now as its “a research release” according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, but that may not last for long as he said in a Dec. 5 tweet that the costs to run the tool are “eye-watering” and will have to be monetized “somehow at some point.” Read article

1. "The use of caffeine in sports performance" 2. The effects of caffeine on sports performance 3. The potential consequences of caffeine use in sports 4. The potential benefits of caffeine use in sports 5. The best ways to drink coffee to improve sports performance (

Hyundai Heavy Industries has created the position of chief artificial intelligence officer (CAIO) in another marker about how South Korea’s largest shipbuilder sees the future of shipping. Read article

Computer programs find patterns in the genome related to disease much faster than humans (

The Koo team hopes GOPHER will help optimize such AI algorithms so that we can trust they’re learning the right things for the right reasons. Read article

'We get to be their visual storytelling partners': How artificial intelligence is transforming the film and entertainment industry (

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Is artificial intelligence creating art for you? (

Artificial intelligence exploded over the last few days and has been a trending item after a wave of people began using the technology to create artwork. Read article

Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) Model and Render 3D Scenes using Deep Neural Networks (

Neural radiance fields (NeRF) have successfully modeled and rendered 3D scenes using deep neural networks. Read article

Beware of Artificial Intelligence: It Can Cause You Very Real Trouble (

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Google SVP says the search giant has to be 'thoughtful' about the range of nefarious uses accompanying artificial intelligence (

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How the use of artificial intelligence is Changing the Way the Public Sector Works (

In New York, for example, the state’s power authority is finding success by pairing AI with its in-house drone inspection program, which officials say allows “transmission lines to be more quickly and thoroughly evaluated and any potential issues that could lead to power failure to be identified earlier,” according to a statement from the New York Power Authority (NYPA) about the program’s success. Read article

Hands-On with Gran Turismo Sophy, GT7's New Artificial Intelligence System (

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Toppan Develops Digital Twin Solution for Linking Spaces with Virtual Reality Reconstruction (

As a new function, Toppan has now developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that makes it possible for multiple moving robots to identify people whose images have been uploaded in advance. Read article

Improving safety and optimizing fuel consumption with artificial intelligence and machine learning (

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"Artificial Intelligence Threatens More Creative Occupations" (

For years, it was assumed that the use of artificial intelligence would be limited to repetitive tasks and could only threaten routine-based jobs. Read article

5 Money Managing Tips You Should Know, According to Artificial Intelligence (

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Google's artificial intelligence is helping radiologists detect breast cancer (

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Adobe Now accepted Images Created with Generative AI Applications (

Adobe has announced today it is now accepting images created with the help of generative artificial intelligence applications like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E, opening up the sale of these images at Adobe Stock. Read article

“Teddy bears working on new AI research on the moon in the 1980s” (

Google, research firm OpenAI and AI vendor Stability AI have each developed a text-to-image image generator powerful enough that some observers are questioning whether in the future people will be able to trust the photographic record. Read article

Elevance Health Announces Expansion of Sydney Health Application with Nutrition Tracker (

What You Should Know: – Elevance Health — formerly Anthem, Inc. has announced the expansion of its Sydney Health application with the addition of a nutrition tracker function driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Read article

The Potential of Using Artificial Intelligence in PSMA-PET Results Interpretation (

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Recurrent Neural Networks for AI--What does this mean for future work? Recurrent neural networks are a type of neural network that can be used to model complex problems by convoluting several layers of interconnected neurons. They are well-suited for tasks that require a high degree of parallelism, such as machine translation or image recognition. (

• If there is no operation ( ) on row i of the program code then augment the network with the following link (assuming that node exists): • If there is an increment operation ( ) on row i then augment the network as follows: • If there is a decrement operation ( ) on row i then augment the network as follows: • If there is a conditional branch ( ) on row i then augment the network as follows: Read article

Global AI and Trust in Healthcare Analysis Report 2022: The Underlying Factors that Can Both Harm and Help Build Trust by End Users of Products and Services that Utilize Artificial Intelligence (

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OpenAI releases chatbot capable of answering questions (

California start-up OpenAI has released a chatbot capable of answering a variety of questions, but its impressive performance has reopened the debate on the risks linked to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Read article

Top 5 stocks to end the year, according to Artificial Intelligence (

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BurgerFi International Inc. Launches AI-Enabled Restaurant Management System in all 60 Corporate Locations BurgerFi International Inc. (Nasdaq: BFI, BFIIW) today announced the launch of its ConverseNow AI-Enabled Restaurant Management System (RMS), which helps restaurateurs manage their dining establishments more efficiently and effectively. RMS provides restaurant managers with a wealth of automation and artificial intelligence capabilities that help them improve customer service, reduce costs, and optimize operations. (

The ConverseNow AI System to Launch in all 60 Corporate Locations FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BurgerFi International Inc. (Nasdaq: BFI, BFIIW) ("BFI" or the "Company"), owner of one of the nation's leading fast-casual "better burger" dining concepts through the BurgerFi brand, and the high-quality, casual dining pizza brand under the name Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza & Wings ("Anthony's"), announced today the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) phone answering systems in all 60 corporate-owned Anthony's locations. Read article

Open source Artificial Intelligence software Behind Melloddy and Substra – to help universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies (

France/US-headquartered AI biotech company Owkin is open sourcing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software behind Melloddy and Substra. Read article

Perfect Corp. Introduces Unique High-Precision Real-Time Live AR & AI-Powered Virtual Try-On Technology for 3D Necklaces, Elevating Jewelry Shopping Experiences (

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