Hacker creates credit-sized Arduboy that's still playable (

The original Arduboy was eventually followed up by a version called the Arduboy FX, featuring more on-board storage capable of storing over 200 Arduboy games (with just a monochromatic pixelated screen; the games are very tiny), but Bates is back again with a complete redesign of the Arduboy hardware that’s now more than half the size of the original. Read article

How to be a successful businessperson Successful businesspeople know how to manage their time, work efficiently, and stay organized. (

Sure, I had my share of lectures on the Fourier Transform, and on the Fast Fourier Transform, but the lecturers only showed us how the FFT was an algorithm with a very nice complexity through its recursive definition. Read article

MicroPython officially becomes part of the Arduino ecosystem (

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Arduino, Finder team for AI mini PLC ... (

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4.4″ display with red, black, and white colors for under $100 (

ePaper pricetags are becoming popular parts in the hacker community as a cheap way into tinkering with the technology. Read article

Philodendron armed with robot arm and machete (

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How to Choose the Right Single Board Computer (

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Arduino IDE 2.0 Released (

If you don’t have Arduino IDE 2.0 installed on all your machines, just open the Arduino Web Editor and you can code from your browser in the online IDE with access to all your sketches and libraries. Read article

How to Make a Working Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer from Two Non-Working Computers (

When [Stephen Cass] found himself with a broken Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer, the simplest solution was to buy another broken one and make one working computer from two non-working computers. Read article

A Look at Interrupts in Arduinos In this final post in a series on interrupts, we take a look at how they work in the Arduinos and some of the ways they can be used. (

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How to Build a Custom Countdown Timer in 3 Minutes or Less. Email: Please paste the text of your email into the blue field below. Hello, I'm looking for a custom countdown timer that I can build in minutes or less. Can you help? Thanks! (

Over the years, we’ve made lots of changes to the way Twilio operates and is organized, but none harder than what I’m sharing today. Read article

An Arduino Nano is used to control a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator (

There’s something about Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and the calculators that use it. Read article

IoT Projects for Arduino (

What features do YOU care about? Read article

How To Start Programming In 3 Months Email The future of email is Twilio's built in email solutions. With Twilio's email solutions, you can create powerful email campaigns, automate email marketing, and send more emails than ever before. SMS The future of (

On August 4, 2022, Twilio became aware of unauthorized access to information related to a limited number of Twilio customer accounts through a sophisticated social engineering attack designed to steal employee credentials. Read article

How to write your own non-blocking microcontroller board (

With the increased capabilities of Arduino and other microcontroller boards, including faster clocks or even multiple cores, the need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously arises more often than in the past. Read article

3D Printed AVR Programmer for Arduino UNO (

You can then use the Arduino software to write to the AVR microcontroller via the Arduino Uno which is acting as the ISP. Read article

ESP32 Console: How to use it (

The ESP32 console Arduino library from [jbtronics] promises just that. Read article

Sebastian and Stefan Shütz’s new CNC machine begs to be used (

Often, making an old CNC machine work is indeed that easy, and old controller retrofits have been a staple of ours. Read article

How to Build the Future of Communications (

Below are the charts for 1, 2 and 4 clients after I ran the year-long PostgreSQL tests again: With this change, the lines uncrossed, and PostgreSQL started returning faster than SQLite even for the longer queries. Read article

Arduino raises $32m Series B round (

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