Anumana AI-ECG Algorithm Successfully Identifies Weak Heart Pump in Patients (

What You Should Know: – The research is mounting to show that Anumana’s AI-ECG algorithms could dramatically improve screening for cardiovascular disease (CVD), providing early warnings of disease from just a standard electrocardiogram (ECG). Read article

Computer network activity caught by company (

Bloomberg Daybreak, anchored from New York, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco provides listeners with everything they need to know. Read article

iPhone 15 Ultra look leaked! Check out the 2023 Apple flagship's new avatar (

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Is a Tablet a phone or a computer? A Tablet is a phone but less practical. It is a computer but less capable. (

13 years after the launch of the original iPad, Google Pixel Tablet might finally fix tablets by giving them a clear purpose and direction The guys from Mountain View are giving the Pixel Tablet its own ! Read article

2-in-1 keyboard for MacBook Air perfect for digital artists (

Check out today's best M2 MacBook Pro deals below if you're after the best MacBook experience available right here and now. Read article

Smartphones Traded Their Wow Factor for Peace of Mind in 2022 (

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Get Apple's latest iPad at an all-time low price right now (

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Startup Nothing plans to launch a smartphone in the US to directly compete with Apple's iPhone (

UK-based tech company Nothing plans to launch a smartphone in the US to directly compete with Apple's iPhone, according to a new report out today. Read article

Apple's latest iPad Air falls to $500 at Amazon (

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei's new startup wants to launch smartphone in the U.S. to take on Apple (

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei's new startup wants to launch smartphone in the U.S. to take on Apple (

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Best Buy is currently selling the iPad Air for nearly 20 percent off, making it the best deal around. (

Instead of the Face ID system, the iPad Air features a side fingerprint scanner which is very reliable. Read article

How OLED TVs are revolutionizing content consumption (

The List: Best OLED TVs, According To The Experts Many consider the Samsung S95B Series the gold standard among OLED TVs. Read article

The Best 11-Inch iPad Pro (

Equipped with the same M2 chip that powers the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro computers, the latest 11-inch iPad Pro is incredibly fast and will handle anything you throw at it. Read article

iPhone 13 mini has better Face scanning than older models (

But this doesn't make it perfect… • Face ID still doesn't let you unlock your phone if you're wearing headgear that covers both your eyes and the rest of your face • Although Face ID does work with face masks, it takes significantly longer to read your face (if it does at all) • Due to the limited angular range of Apple's 3D unlocking system, you still can't unlock your phone if it's sitting on a desk • With Face ID, it's rather tricky to unlock your phone if you're moving rapidly, like when you're jogging outside or on a treadmill • Even when Face ID fails to read your face, there's a lack of immediate response to let you know to correct your positioning, which results in having to type in your PIN (like a caveman!) Read article

Apple's M2 Max Chip Leaked and What to Expect in the MacBook Pro Early Next Year (

This week saw an alleged benchmark leak for an "M2 Max" chip expected to make an appearance in upcoming Macs like the MacBook Pro early next year, as well as fresh rumors about the iPhone 15 coming later in the year. Read article

Apple delays AR/VR headset shipment (

Mass shipments of Apple's long-rumored AR/VR headset may be delayed until the second half of 2023 due to unspecified "software-related issues," according to the latest information shared today by tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Read article

Apple Introduces Emergency SOS Satellite Feature (

A stranded man in Alaska was rescued after using Apple’s new Emergency SOS satellite feature to contact emergency services. Read article

Apple's latest iPad drops to $399 at Amazon (

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10 iOS 16 Hidden Features That Just Make Your iPhone Better (

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Here's why Apple might feel compelled to spruce up iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus (

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Apple plans to shift production outside China (

In recent weeks, Apple Inc. has accelerated plans to shift some of its production outside China, long the dominant country in the supply chain that built the world’s most valuable company, say people involved in the discussions. Read article

Diffusion models become the apple of the machine learning community’s eye in the last months (

From generating videos using text prompts to image editing, we have seen various successful applications of diffusion models in the last quarter. Read article

Forget smartwatches, consumers are snapping up these quirky alternatives (

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iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models feature a LiDAR Scanner (

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models feature a LiDAR Scanner next to the rear camera that can be used to measure a person's height instantly in Apple's preinstalled Measure app. Read article

Libxml2 and CVE-2022 The libxml2 library is vulnerable to a denial of service attack when parsing an XML document with the empty attribute value, as demonstrated by a specially crafted document. This attack can result in a reset of the document pointer, a crash of the application, or even an execution of arbitrary code. CVE-2022 (

Since Monterey and Ventura both use the same open source library libxml2, and Monterey is still vulnerable to CVE-2022-40303, I suspect that it's still vulnerable to CVE-2022-40304 as well. Read article

Google Is Clearly Trying to Convince Apple to Adopt RCS In a recent blog post, Google urges Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard in order to improve the overall quality of communication. While there are many benefits to using RCS, including support for higher resolution photos and videos, audio messages, and bigger file sizes, the standard has also been criticized for being difficult to implement and maintain. Google is hoping that by urging Apple to adopt RCS, it will be easier for (

Google is continuing on with its attempt to convince Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard, publishing a new "it's time for RCS" blog post. Read article

10 Languages to know if you want to work at FAANG (

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6502 microprocessor replica project (

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iOS 16.2 beta released (

We have a complete list of all the features that are available in the iOS 16.2 update in our dedicated iOS 16.2 guide. Read article