Asus Zenbook: The Best Choice for an Affordable Laptop (theverge.com)

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The 2021 Apple TV 4K is on sale for $120, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals (yahoo.com)

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Matthew Garrison: I'm always thinking, doing (nytimes.com)

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Why Hire Goats? (hiregoats.com)

HireGoats.com is a directory of all goat rental companies in the world. Read article

Kirby's Dream Buffet - Overview Trailer Switch (youtube.com)

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Cassette Tape Market in Shanghai Growing cassette tape market in switzerland (sixthtone.com)

So, when I moved to Shanghai, I was delighted to find a small, but thriving cassette tape market in the local indie music scene. Read article

Humble's latest bundle is probably the cheapest way to experience the Resident Evil saga Resident Evil: Revelations is one of the most popular games in the series, and Humble's latest bundle is a great way to experience it. Just $30 gets you 11 games redeemable on Steam — and a coupon for Resident Evil Village — plus a chance to donate to a good cause. Capcom and Humble's Resident Evil Decades of Horror game bundle is now live and includes some of the survival (polygon.com)

Humble also has a seven-item bundle for $10, which includes the aforementioned games as well as Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil Revelations 2: Deluxe Edition. Read article

27 easy Gamerscore Games to Get on Xbox One This Week » . Gamerscore List . Xbox One Sales » . 27 Gamerscore Games to Get on Xbox One This Week » 1. Gears of War 4 2. Destiny 3. Battlefield 1 4. Marxism 5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 6. Forza Horizon 4 7. Assassin's Creed Syndicate 8. Madden 18 9. Rocket League 10. (trueachievements.com)

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In Photos: The Weirdworld of Artificial Intelligence-powered Images (grid.news)

You’ve likely seen them around social media — demented faces, fantastical landscapes and futuristic hellscapes produced by artificial intelligence-powered image generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney. Read article

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 drops to 1149 USD, it is now 1000 USD cheaper (videocardz.com)

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Winamp, the media player of choice in the 1990s, is back and revitalized on modern Windows PCs (gizmodo.com)

Earlier this week, we discovered that Winamp, our media player of choice during the heyday of MP3s, is back from the dead and revitalized to run on modern Windows PCs. Read article

Record store owner alleges MoFi uses digital files in production (washingtonpost.com)

Mobile Fidelity and its parent company, Music Direct, were slow to respond to the revelation. Read article

Hackensack University Medical Center Receives GI Genius™ Artificial Intelligence to low-income and underserved communities (newswise.com)

Hackensack University Medical Center is the only hospital in New Jersey – and the first in the tri-state area – to receive Medtronic’s GI Genius™ artificial intelligence, which is AI-assisted colonoscopy technology to low-income and underserved communities. Read article

GT7's Tomica Town Is a Meticulous Stroke of Genius. Here's How it Came to Be (jalopnik.com)

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Don't Starve Together: One For the Books [Wickerbottom Animated Short] (youtube.com)

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MidjourneyAI Predicts The Last selfie Ever Taken Will Look Like This (pcgamer.com)

Barren landscapes form a solemn backdrop here to the Midjourney (opens in new tab) AI's prediction of what the "last selfie ever taken" will look like. Read article

Sheikah Slate, Towers, and More for Minecraft 1.19 (pcgamer.com)

The vast and lovely landscapes of Breath of the Wild are such an obvious match for Minecraft that someone built the entire BOTW map last year, but that was just a starting point. Read article

BBC Radio 4 documentary exposes shocking gender pay gap in art world The BBC Radio 4 documentary “The gender pay gap in art: A story of inequality” will air on Wednesday, August 3, 2018 at 10pm BST. The documentary follows author Helen Gorrill as she investigates the gender pay gap in the art world and its impact on the industry. Gorrill, a journalist and cultural critic, has written several books about the art world and its complexities. According to Gorrill (artnet.com)

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Read article

32 easy Gamerscore titles for Xbox One . Xbox One, Australia . $139.99 . PS4, Japan . $309.99 . Nintendo Switch, North America . $269.99 . Xbox One S, Australia . $199.99 . PS4 Pro, Japan . $399.99 . Nintendo Switch Pro, North America . $379.99 (trueachievements.com)

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Funeral Games: A New Kind of Fun (pcgamer.com)

In Don't Ruin a Funeral by JackMcPhersonGames (opens in new tab), buddy, you're gonna be ruining a funeral or two. Read article

Soft deformable materials can be manipulated into target shapes using a new system that deducts information from visual cues. This could one day enable better home assistants that can learn about your habits and preferences. (scitechdaily.com)

Robots manipulate soft, deformable material into various shapes from visual inputs in a new system that could one day enable better home assistants. Read article

The Callisto Protocol: Performance Preview (youtube.com)

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Naraka: Bladepoint - Official Holoroth Map Trailer (youtube.com)

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High Contrast Talks 'True Colours (20th Anniversary Edition + Remixes)' And AI In Dance Music (forbes.com)

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8 Worst Date Apps It seems like everyone is moving on from their first love. Whether it’s the latest love-in-progress or just someone you know who is preoccupied with someone else, it seems like the app market is flooded with dating apps. There are tens of different dating apps with different features and interests, so it can be hard to find the one you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a dating app that will make your (washingtonpost.com)

But if it isn’t YouTube, it’s drama unfolding on Reddit or a TikTok For You page that keeps serving up the hits. Read article

Spotify Launches Friends Mix to Add Variety to Your Music Playlists (theverge.com)

Spotify has announced another new way to mix and match music on its service with your friends. Read article

DeepMind releases predictions for 350,000 proteins (nytimes.com)

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Typography in the 21st century: The changing role of typefaces (eleven-labs.com)

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DeepMind uncovers structure of 200m proteins in scientific leap forward (theguardian.com)

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21 Easy Xbox Achievements That Will Boost Your Gamerscore (trueachievements.com)

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