Show HN: Open-source clones of popular sites (Airbnb, AMZ, Instagram, etc.) (

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How to fight unjust bans from online platforms In some cases, platforms like AirBnB, Paypal, and Facebook have been used to arbitrarily blacklist certain individuals or groups of people, without any justification or rhyme or reason. This can have a significant impact on people's lives or livelihoods. To help fight unfair bans from online platforms, it is important to understand the reasons behind these decisions and be able to provide justification for why the platform should not be banning an individual or group of (

Many people have become reliant on platforms like AirBnB, Paypal, and Facebook to the extent that losing access would have a significant adverse impact on their lives or livelihoods. Read article

How to pick intervals for programming (

Never, ever, ever use [closed, closed] intervals A couple of years ago I had the (mis)fortune of working on a system that used [closed, closed] ranges extensively. Read article

3D mapping helps Airbnb make rentals accessible (

Airbnb is turning to artificial intelligence to make it easier for people with disabilities to find rentals that meet their needs. Read article

Airbnb 2022 Winter Release (

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Do You Accept Secondround Rejections From Big Tech Companies (

Get shortlisted for roles at Y Combinator startups Rejections from Big Tech hardly indicate your potential. Read article

Remote work changed their lives. They're not going back to the office (

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Lisbon’s welcoming spirit continues as refugees start to arrive (

Here is a breakdown from the Portugese Government on the requirements to maintain a short-term rentals license: 1 — Short-Term Rentals Sign: According to the short-term rentals Law, all buildings or properties that function in the short-term rental activity must be properly identified as such. Read article

How to downgrade your PinePhone to Android 8.0.0 Oreo (

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3 Good Things: Clever raccoons, a scary Airbnb and AI art (

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5 Ways to Improve JavaScript Delivery Performance (

When JS reliance is minimal, fixing poor delivery performance can be as simple as instructing the browser to load certain scripts at a lower priority and allow HTML content to render sooner. Read article

Airflow - How It Works and Why You Should Use It (

Whenever a PR is made to your Dagster repo in GitHub, a new deployment for the branch is created automatically in Dagster! Read article

AirBnB Punishes Jackson For Being A Good Customer According to AirBnB, they have decided to punish Jackson for being a good customer by disabling his account. This decision is irreversible and will affect any duplicated or future accounts. (

Digital Exile: How I Got Banned for Life from AirBnB A few months ago, I received a cryptic message from AirBnB that sounded like something straight out that Black Mirror episode with Jon Hamm. Read article

React Native cost Airbnb millions of dollars (

When they started using React Native in 2016, however to date, only 20% of the code is written with React Native. Read article

WeWork's former CEO has a new startup, reportedly valued at more than $1B (

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Airbnb Rolls Out Cancellation Fee Policy (

• Airbnb is changing its cancellation fee policy for hosts from August 22. Read article

"How to be a great friend to those who don't have a lot in common" This article is about how to be a great friend to those who don't have a lot in common. (

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Read article

ACCC: Airbnb allegedly misled Australians about accommodation prices (

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