Hold up your end: Anne's Glasses Anne's Glasses is a glass shop in the heart of the city. Anne works hard to make her customers happy, and she doesn't take kindly to anyone who doesn't respect that. She often wears glasses, so she can see better than most people, and she hates when anyone tries to tell her how to do her job.

“Something hot for Valentine’s Day,” the description reads on her TikTok video. “When I drop an online collection, I sell over like 60 mirrors in five minutes.” A “spit in my mouth” mirror is perfect bait for TikTok, where taboo trends are discussed as openly as blue checks showing off a new dance. Annemarie Rose is bent over a sheet of glass, hair tucked into a messy half ponytail, tracing the outline of a heart into its glossy surface. She breaks it apart, sands the edges, and etches a simple message across its smooth surface: spit in my mouth. Refresh. But online, her products sell in minutes — especially the “spit in my mouth” mirror. When she opened pre-orders for mirrors, including the cheeky “spit in my mouth” version, she says they sold out in 18 minutes (a fact I can personally attest to after failing to buy one). “The effect of that one video was really powerful for my business.” Her success through that one video is the result of a combination of things: the timing of a heart mirror collection coming up against Valentine’s Day, and the half-joking half-not brand of kink humor that permeates TikTok. (The Verge). Continue reading.

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