Chrome 103 on iPhone and iPad now has a three-dot menu

Version 103 of Chrome is rolling out this week, and Google is highlighting several new features on iPhone and iPad that span usability and security. • Chrome will remove duplicate New Tab Page tabs in the background. As of today, the ability to set Enhanced Safe Browsing is not yet widely rolled out (Settings > Google Services). The three-dot (overflow) menu located at the bottom-right corner of Chrome on the iPhone has been redesigned “to be scannable and to highlight the most important destinations.” It starts with a colorful carousel providing quick access to Bookmarks, History, Reading List, Passwords, Downloads, Recent Tabs, and Settings. Google also has an “updated language identification mode,” which uses on-device machine learning to “accurately figure out the language of the page you’re visiting, and whether it needs to be translated to match your preferences.” On the security front, Google is bringing Enhanced Safe Browsing to Chrome for iOS. Other user-facing announcements include the initial rollout of Chrome Actions where you can enter things like “Clear Browsing Data,” “Open Incognito Tab,” and “Set Chrome as Default Browser” into the address bar and be immediately directed to the correct page. Actions like Reload, New Tab, and New Incognito Tab are next with the panel opening halfway initially. • Chrome for Mac gets highest Speedometer score to date, beating Safari • Chrome’s New Tab Page tests replacing site grid with carousel on Android Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news: (9to5Google). Continue reading.

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