New professor hurt by academia

But he was unhappy, and he’d grown disenchanted with his research agenda, and didn’t enjoy the labor itself anymore, and it was degrading his ability to enjoy his private life; so he quit. Recently I met a new coworker, a now-former professor who left academia. I have to give him respect: he left willingly. If something is going wrong, communicate about that too. Recognizing that many of you may be in a similar position to my coworker—or worse, for those of you who are still locked into the system and might want some perspective from an apostate—I offer some thoughts about what unspoken norms typify academic environments, how they’re maladaptive in the private sector (and just about everywhere), and the ways in which one can more-successfully transition to a happy life as a corporate drone. He had a plum position, and he was years away from tenure review. It’s hard to walk away from a place like that after a lifetime of striving. They probably don’t have any power over you and the alternative is spending your entire life a wallflower. (). Continue reading.

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