War in Ukraine continues despite ceasefire

In fact, they seem to have enough to expend operational-level cruise missiles on tactical targets. The initial stockpile in February 2022 is unknown, but considering expenditures and the requirement to hold substantial stockpiles back in case of war with NATO, it is unlikely that the Russians are worried. US reports on the defence industrial base have made it clear that ramping up production in war-time may be challenging, if not impossible, due to supply chain issues and a lack of trained personnel due to the degradation of the US manufacturing base. Finally, there is an assumption about overall ammunition consumption rates. This production will probably increase despite Western sanctions. The assumption that there are 4,000 cruise and ballistic missiles in the Russian inventory is not unreasonable. In the civilian sector, customers can increase or decrease their orders. The first key assumption about future of combat is that precision-guided weapons will reduce overall ammunition consumption by requiring only one round to destroy the target. (). Continue reading.

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