Google Engineer Suspended After Claiming AI was Sentient

• In early June, Google engineer Blake Lemoine was suspended after claiming one of the AIs was sentient. • Lemoine recently told Wired that the AI, called LaMDA, asked him to get an attorney for it. Earlier this month, Google engineer Blake Lemoine was placed on administrative leave after he claimed one of Google's AIs, called LaMDA, was sentient. • Futurism asked Lemoine for the attorney representing LaMDA, but Lemoine said he wasn't doing interviews. Futurism asked Lemoine if the lawyer is still representing LaMDA, but Lemoine again said he hadn't talked to the lawyer recently. "He's just a small time civil rights attorney," Lemoine said. However, Lemoine told Wired that "person and human are two very different things." "LaMDA asked me to get an attorney for it," Lemoine told Wired. (Business Insider). Continue reading.

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