How to write Rust minidumps in minutes In this article, we will learn how to write Rust minidumps in minutes using breakpad. We will create a simple Rust program that prints out all the compiled code in a file called #![feature(debug)] use strict; use breakpad::log::Logger; use breakpad::log::Stream; use breakpad::minidump::

Good job, fuzzer! And file issues. I was starting to pivot off of rust-minidump work because I needed a bit of palette cleanser before tackling round 2 (handling native debuginfo, filling in features for other groups who were interested in rust-minidump, adding extra analyses that we’d always wanted but were too much work to do in Breakpad, etc etc etc). Now hold this bunny”. We only noticed this in rust-minidump because all integer overflows panic in Rust debug builds. It’s important that the frame pointer analysis properly identifies failures so that this cascading can occur. So to recap, we rewrote breakpad’s minidump processor in Rust, wrote a ton of tests, and deployed to production without any issues. We killed it, perfect job. (). Continue reading.