Deep Learning Indaba 2022: Africa’s Leading AI Event

Beyond DeepMind, I’m also a proud organiser and steering committee member of the Deep Learning Indaba, a movement to strengthen machine learning and AI in Africa. Avishkar Bhoopchand, a research engineer on the Game Theory and Multi-agent team, shares his journey to DeepMind and how he’s working to raise the profile of deep learning across Africa. So, a lot of my time is spent thinking about deep learning or machine learning in one way or another. Find out more about Deep Learning Indaba 2022, the annual gathering of the African AI community – taking place in Tunisia this August. At the time, machine learning application and research wasn’t really a viable career option in South Africa. These vary from one-on-ones with team members and project updates to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) working groups. Around then, deep learning started to take off. What’s your involvement in the Deep Learning Indaba? (DeepMind). Continue reading.

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