Amazon to Add Emotional Woes of Pandemic Grief to Push Development of Alexa Feature

Amazon is figuring out how to make its Alexa voice assistant deepfake the voice of anyone, dead or alive, with just a short recording. The company demoed the feature at its re:Mars conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, using the emotional trauma of the ongoing pandemic and grief to sell interest. He did provide minute technical details, however. And as we've discussed above, there are other companies leveraging deepfake tech in ways that are similar to what Amazon demoed. Amazon's re:Mars focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other emerging technologies, with technical experts and industry leaders taking the stage. During the second-day keynote, Rohit Prasad, senior vice president and head scientist of Alexa AI at Amazon, showed off a feature being developed for Alexa. In the demo, a child asks Alexa, "Can grandma finish reading me Wizard of Oz?" There are some places Amazon doesn't belong, and grief counseling is one of them. (Ars Technica). Continue reading.

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