Singer-Songwriter Holly Herndon Uses AI to Create Intelligent Music

Spawn was able to organically add vocals to tracks presented to it. Despite the numerous AI platforms which serve up routes to auto-generate functional music, many artists who have overtly worked with AI have approached the concept via more individual means. Southern’s work received widespread press. This smart neural network determines how to best populate these lists by scanning other users’ playlists that feature these tracks, as well as analysing the waveforms of the tracks to determine musicological similarities. The 27 Club used AI to make new tracks, based on the music of those famous, epoch-making musicians who oddly all left us at the age of 27. A collaboration between Dr Dre and Eminem producer Alex Da Kid and IBM’s cultural learning and idea-forming digital intelligence, Watson. Dubbed ‘Spawn’, this vocal-sample generator was taught by Herndon and partner Mat Dryhurst to reproduce a bank of vocal-types (including her own) via months of training its complex neural network. Though, as Herndon told Art in America, the process is still finding its feet: “AI is not that smart, it’s very low fidelity, it’s not real time, it’s very slow and unwieldy. (MusicRadar). Continue reading.

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