LinkedDataHub v3 released with new features

LinkedDataHub (LDH) is open source software you can use to manage data, create visualizations and build apps on RDF Knowledge Graphs. We are building LinkedDataHub primarily for: • researchers who need an RDF-native notebook that can consume and collect Linked Data and SPARQL documents and follows the FAIR principles • developers who are looking for a declarative full stack framework for Knowledge Graph application development, with out-of-the-box UI and API What makes LinkedDataHub unique is its completely data-driven architecture: applications and documents are defined as data, managed using a single generic HTTP API and presented using declarative technologies. Watch this video for a feature overview: We started the project with the intention to use it for Linked Data publishing, but gradually realized that we've built a multi-purpose data-driven platform. The CLI scripts internally use Jena's CLI commands. What's new in LinkedDataHub v3? The default application structure and user interface are provided, but they can be completely overridden and customized. Relative URIs will be resolved against the base URI configured in the file. For example: How to get involved • contribute a new LDH application or modify one of ours • work on the features in our Roadmap LinkedDataHub includes an HTTP test suite. (). Continue reading.

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