Linux Kernel 3.0.27 Released Linux Kernel 3.0.27 Released

Whatever happened to SHA-256 support in Git? Bjarmason pointed out that there is still no interoperability between SHA-1 and SHA-256 repositories, and that none of the Git hosting providers appear to be supporting SHA-256. Among other things, this news gave some impetus to the longstanding effort to support a more robust hash algorithm in the Git source-code management system. The 2.29 work marked SHA-256 as experimental and warned that " that there is no interoperability between SHA-1 and SHA-256 repositories yet ". The Git project has long since chosen SHA-256 as the replacement for SHA-1. This response from Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason is illuminating and, for those looking forward to full SHA-256 support, potentially discouraging: I wouldn't recommend that anyone use it for anything serious at the moment, as far as I can tell the only users (if any) are currently (some) people work on git itself. There is also the risk (which cannot really be made to go away) that the longer hashes used with SHA-256 may break tools developed outside of the Git project. As time has passed, though, that work seems to have slowed to a stop, leaving some users wondering when, if ever, Git will support a hash algorithm other than SHA-1. (). Continue reading.

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