How to make zigs more memory safe Zigs level of memory safety is not as important as rust. Zigs level of memory safety is less important than rust because zigs help to protect memory by preventing data corruption. Rust does not help to protect memory, but it does help to prevent data corruption.

• Temporal memory safety and data race safety. In such cases it's hard to make an argument for zig, unless alongside some additional system of protection like memgc or rlbox. Zig also has a number of tools to help detect violations of temporal memory safety during testing. It certainly seems like just fixing spatial memory safety (going from c to zig) is a non-trivial improvement. I keep seeing discussions that equate zigs level of memory safety with c, or occasionally with rust. Mostly runtime mitigations. Nearly identical in both zig and rust. Zig in particular is still under rapid development and will likely change faster than this article updates. (). Continue reading.

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