Remote Work Can Make a Positive Impact on Everyone

Full-time remote work can make a positive impact on everyone, especially groups of folks who are often untapped talent from historically marginalized communities. But being remote, as part of broader EDI work on other systems and practices, can enable you to reach untapped talent based on a more supportive environment. After two years at home, many organizations plan to send workers back to the office full-time or introduce a hybrid model wherein workers either come to the office 2-3 days a week or only a portion of workers stay at home. Office spaces have the advantage of instant proximity, which can allow for this to occur more organically. And I was never more thankful to already be part of a remote organization than when COVID hit in the spring of 2020. Test Double was not exempt from many of the issues caused by COVID: financial uncertainty, employee stress and burnout, instability around client forecasting, etc. In the office, sporadic in-person communication is expected. Having to figure out how to change our employees’ work environment and communication practices was—thankfully—not one of those challenges. (). Continue reading.

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