How to WriteBetter with Autocorrect

It's so much clearer and more organized now I love Foster!! I just intensively re-wrote it from an amazing round of Foster edits so looking for new eyes :) Reading feedback on my crypto+NFT newsletter from noobs and skeptics (as I requested) in the @0xFoster is 💋👌🏼 This is exactly what I need to take my writing to the next level Writers today don't get enough honest feedback. Here's a writing tip: Get others' feedback on your writing. With @0xFoster's free Chrome extension, you can get feedback on your writing in a day or two. 10/10 I joined @0xFoster last month to level up my writing. I tried it for the first time and 🤯 I couldn't believe the amount of feedback and support I got. Wisdom Nugget Number 3 -- Having an editor is a superpower I joined @0xFoster last year and recently tried to get back into it. And I fell in love with @0xFoster. (). Continue reading.

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