The iPhone-killing phone that doesn't have a back

Nothing, the smartphone brainchild of CEO Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, is once again testing the efficacy of its hype machine. It’s also been relentlessly teasing the upcoming launch of the Phone (1), its first Android flagship, without offering many concrete details about the smartphone’s abilities beyond a look at the launcher it’s bundled with. The company is currently known for its economical earbuds, the Ear (1), which offer a pretty impressive bang for the buck at $100. Like the Android phones of yore and flip phones, you can also program those backlights to flash in tandem with ten built-in ringtones. In the video, Brownlee walks us through how all the strips on the back light up to show notifications, while the central circle—which borrows an aesthetic from Apple’s MagSafe ring with the iPhone’s accessories—lights up to indicate whether you’re charging wireless or reverse wireless charging another device. Today, the hype machine continues on, with a look at the phone’s lighting system and an early opportunity to pre-order it. While gadget hype can do wonders for helping escape the doldrums of a society trudging through a neverending pandemic, it’s unlikely to be the thing that knocks Apple off its throne, at least the way Pei intends. You also won’t have to turn on the screen to see your charging progress with the Nothing smartphone. (Gizmodo). Continue reading.

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