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Wang announced PyScript as a new framework, built atop one of those earlier projects, to allow Python scripting directly within the browser; those programs have access to much of the existing Python ecosystem as well as being able to interact with the browser document object model (DOM) directly. Wang began by introducing himself and the company that he runs, Anaconda, which he co-founded with Travis Oliphant ten years ago. Python can also act as the glue between JavaScript libraries using PyScript. So one of PyScript developers built a wrapper around the D3.js library for "data-driven documents" in two days. With a laugh, he said: "What the W3C takes away, PyScript gives you back." His final "demo" was a PyScript REPL, where he typed " ", which led to the classic xkcd about Python (note that the import is something of an Easter egg in CPython as well). To that end, he announced PyScript, but he did so by live-coding a "hello world" demo from the keynote stage. He hopes that kids get their first introduction to programming using PyScript. (). Continue reading.

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