Mozilla's privacy services may be more compelling if you were previously on the fence

Thursday, November 24, 2022 • 10:00 EST

Mozilla's privacy services might be more compelling if you were previously on the fence. Apple offers email aliases and connection relays if you're part of its ecosystem, while Google bundles its VPN with cloud storage and other perks. The company now offers its virtual private network (VPN) and Firefox Relay Premium together in a $7 per month bundle when you pay for an annual subscription. At this price, though, Mozilla's services may well be viable if you're looking to remain more platform-independent. Firefox Relay isn't necessarily for everyone. However, Firefox Relay may be more intriguing. You get both email aliases to hide your real accounts as well as phone number masking to prevent your digits reaching spammers and hackers. We'd add that some privacy services may represent better values depending on what you're looking for. ( Continue reading.