Make your own garden

Thursday, November 24, 2022 • 10:00 EST

Photography is a magical art and a surprisingly underrated tool. You don’t need photography practice it, but the reflection helps. Combined with modern storage it is the biggest boost to memory since the invention of writing. Taking “a photo a day” (as a diary, as practice) is a common concept among new photographers, but it’s really worthwhile for everyone. “A camera is a device for learning how to see without a camera.” —Dorothea Lange A lot of people think that photography disconnects the viewer from the world, imagining for instance the person holding their phone at a concert, but I think often it’s the opposite. Practicing photography compels you to ponder what is meaningful and beautiful in your surroundings. There’s an aesthetic component to this: Searching for a good photo in the every-day of life teaches us to notice our surroundings more. With daily photography, this may happen often, usually when you want to take a picture of something and the background is incredibly messy so you decide to pick up! ( Continue reading.