How to fight unjust bans from online platforms In some cases, platforms like AirBnB, Paypal, and Facebook have been used to arbitrarily blacklist certain individuals or groups of people, without any justification or rhyme or reason. This can have a significant impact on people's lives or livelihoods. To help fight unfair bans from online platforms, it is important to understand the reasons behind these decisions and be able to provide justification for why the platform should not be banning an individual or group of

Thursday, November 24, 2022 • 1:40 EST

Many people have become reliant on platforms like AirBnB, Paypal, and Facebook to the extent that losing access would have a significant adverse impact on their lives or livelihoods. At the same time, many of these platforms are well known for suspending or banning unsuspecting users without providing information about their reasons for doing so, and without providing any clear path to appeal or escalate. Faced with such a suspension or ban, what approaches are most likely to be effective in getting it reversed? Are there actions one can take that most users might be unaware of? ( Continue reading.

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