Former Microsoft employee: Windows 11 is terrible and needs to be changed

Thursday, November 24, 2022 • 1:20 EST

In a nutshell: The man is shocked at what has become of Windows 11 and its user experience – especially when it comes to the Start menu and search. Currently, a tweet from Harris is now making waves (colleagues at Winfuture noticed it first): He posted the screenshot showing the Windows 11 Start menu with the Start menu search. And then the GUI of the cancelled Windows 10X was re-used for start menu and user interface with rounded windows (see also Plug pulled: The End for Windows 10X …). The fact that the flat Start menu should pose its own challenge and that "folders in the Start menu" in the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 update will be celebrated as an innovation, is just a footnote. [German]Microsoft never tires of selling the "new innovations" in the user interface of Windows 11. I was influenced by Windows 95 and its interface design with windows, taskbar and start menu. A former Microsoft employee, at the time head of program management for the Windows User Experience (UX), has now spoken out. What the expert says With the above in mind, I found it quite exciting that Jensen Harris has commented on the Windows 11 Start menu and its user experience. ( Continue reading.

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