Lockheed Martin participant in Callisto Demonstration

Thursday, November 24, 2022 • 12:40 EST

Callisto — a combination of Alexa and WebEx video conferencing software — aims to enable the presence of virtual assistants and reliable video conferences on future human deep space flights. In an interview with NASASpaceflight, Rob Chambers — Director of Strategy and Business Development for Commercial and Civil Space, Lockheed Martin — said, “From a human condition perspective, I’m on the other side of the Moon, I’m physically remote, I’m psychologically remote. Inside Orion, in addition to the myriad of experiments and technology demonstrations, teams from Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Cisco have been busy working through the Callisto demonstration. So what about integrating that with Orion and future deep space exploration missions? But another critical element to the Callisto demonstration with Alexa is video conferencing. For this test, Alexa itself has to function as a virtual crewmember via inputs from Mission Control that are separate from the comparatively simple “talk to Alexa” tests. The video conferencing tests are timed for two hours during the days when the team has access to the 70-meter dishes of the Deep Space Network. “Alexa can’t abort the mission or fire an engine,” noted Chambers. (nasaspaceflight.com). Continue reading.

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