Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Japan Launch - A Smaller Display, MediaTek Dimensity 700 Chip and IP68 Rating

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 • 6:00 EST

We talked about how Samsung managed to take on this big transition, how important customers and beta users are to Samsung in its software decisions, and how closely the company works with Google to achieve this impressive recent track record. This changed with its switch to One UI, preceded by a short period in 2016 when the company simply called its software the "Samsung Experience." As Samsung’s fifth iteration of its software is rolling out, Samsung One UI 5, we had the opportunity to sit down with Sally Jeong, the company's Vice President of Android Framework R&D. Samsung also took a lot of slack for its bloated TouchWiz UI. One UI was introduced in 2018 during Samsung's developer conference and then launched alongside the Galaxy S10 and the original Galaxy Fold. Myself, I've been involved with the One UI development from the beginning, and, since we have One UI version 5, one of the things that our users particularly like is the smoothness of the features and the usability. Other than on phones and tablets, One UI's distinct design language and navigation paradigms can be found on smartwatches and laptops made by the mobile division of Samsung. The new software lives on top of Android, which we will focus on here, but soon also spread to other form factors. ( Continue reading.

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