Shenzhen Xunlong Software Announces Release of Orange Pi OS Based on Android

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 • 1:40 EST

The manufacturer of Orange Pi boards, Shenzhen Xunlong Software, has formally announced the release of Orange Pi OS based on Android with a Windows 11-styled desktop that we are told can also be switched to macOS look and feel, and offering features typically found in desktop operating systems such as multi-window support. As far as I can tell, the only way to try Orange Pi OS at this time is to get an Orange Pi 800 keyboard PC. The company plans to release an Arch Linux Arm version named Orange Pi OS (Arch) as well as an Open Harmony variant called Orange Pi OS (OH) next year. I understand the current release of the operating system works on Orange Pi 800 keyboard PC and the Orange Pi 5 SBC should also be supported once soon. We’re told Orange Pi OS is based on Android 12, but that may be an error since I’m not aware of an Android 12 SDK for the Rockchip RK3399 processor. • Design similar to Windows 11 with a Start menu and similar theme • File Manager that looks about the same as in Windows 11 • Settings – Network and Internet, Bluetooth, Desktop and Wallpaper, Display, Sound, Applications, Storage, and more. • Privacy – Removes some options that involve user privacy, such as location, phone number, SMS, notifications, etc. • Ability to switch between Windows and Mac-themed desktops (soon) The company explains the goal of the OS is to make it more suitable for desktop use cases, especially for users already familiar with Windows 11 (or macOS in the future), while still enjoying the broad range of apps available to Android. ( Continue reading.

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