Vivo X90 Pro Plus Camera

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 • 1:40 EST

This main camera comes with a fast, f/1.75 aperture lens, maximizing the light that reaches the sensor, plus Vivo uses a special lens coating with Zeiss T* technology that reduces glare and ghosting. 1-inch main camera and an impressive periscope lens that gives you up to 100X zoom . The higher the number, the better, and in the case of the Vivo X90 Pro Plus it reaches 81.6, while your typical plastic lens is usually rated at around 30. The Vivo X90 Pro Plus will first release in China with a MediaTek chip. The second one is a periscope style 3.5X zoom lens with a 64MP sensor. On the list of its camera superpowers, Vivo lists the following: Of course, we can talk a lot about the features, but here are some camera samples that Vivo has shown the media to illustrate what this new phone is really capable of: Finally, we have a fourth, ultra-wide angle camera with a lens optimized to reduce distortions. The price is flagship-grade but not crazy high: the base 12GB RAM + 256GB storage model retails for around $910 (or 6,500 Chinese yuan), while the beefed-up model with 12GB RAM + 512GB storage goes for around $980 (or 7,000 yuan). And while Vivo is not the first company to use that sensor, it has perfected it, so much so that the company has the confidence to say that this camera is the Along with 4K video, you can also record 8K quality video at 30fps on the X90 Pro Plus. ( Continue reading.

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