"Honda's plan to dethrone Tesla"

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 • 12:40 EST

Sony Honda Mobility President reveals where Tesla can be beaten Sony Honda Mobility President Izumi Kawanishi revealed his company’s plan to dethrone Tesla as the leader in electric vehicles, and it has nothing to do with range, performance, or self-driving. Kawanishi, who was named the President of the Sony Honda joint venture earlier this year when the partnership was officially formed, said Sony’s entertainment technology is the company’s “strength against Tesla.” “Sony has content, services, and entertainment technologies that move people,” Kawanishi said in an interview with FT. “We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla.” Kawanishi continued that Tesla’s weakness in providing content services to customers is where Sony can swoop in and drive people toward the new brand with Honda. Instead, Kawanishi revealed in a recent article with the Financial Times that Sony Honda Mobility will focus on a premium entertainment experience to win customers. The software would be the focus of the automobile, and the car would cater to the entertainment and network Sony and Honda ultimately develop as a result of building the car, which is set to roll out in North America by 2025. Whatever is to come of the project will be the result of a 10 billion Yen, or roughly $74,000,000, investment from Sony and Honda to develop a competitive electric vehicle. The PS5 could be added to the company’s vehicles as it is “technologically possible,” Kawanishi said. Sony offers various entertainment options, from televisions, to gaming consoles to surround sound systems. (teslarati.com). Continue reading.