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)\ Now that Android 13 has reached stable (basically constituting QPR0), Google's gearing up to test the next Android 13 quarterly platform release by bringing that part of the Android Beta Program back. But now that Google is testing its Quarterly Platform Releases with the Beta Program, today's news means two things: 1) Google will start testing Android 13 QPR1 betas for future Feature Drop fun next month in September. Google's tweaks to the Android Beta Program to accommodate this new Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) testing has made it a little frustrating to keep track of the details, but the short version is that Google now runs two external testing programs under the same Android Beta Program moniker — occasionally simultaneously and sometimes separately. Android 13 was just released to stable, and in the long-ago, that would have meant the end of the Android Beta Program for a few months ahead of the following year's Developer Previews. Complicating this is the fact that there are a lot of people currently registered in the Android Beta Program to test Android 13. The QPR-extended Android 13 beta program will conclude in June 2023 following the release of the June Pixel Feature Drop. So if you don't have an interest in testing out upcoming Android 13 betas, you'll want to make sure to head to the Android Beta Program site very soon and opt your phone out. While Feature Drop updates are based on QPRs like Android 12.1, many of the Feature Drop changes are actually part of Google's more proprietary software components and distributed through other mechanisms like apps and Google Play Services. (Android Police). Continue reading.

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