13 Data Centres Locations for DigitalOcean

Digitalcean has 13 data centre locations located across 8 regions. Digitalocean is not public with their data centre locations, like many providers however using public peering and public data we are going to best guess locations. Thanks to Matt Cowley a DigitalOcean employee's comment on the DigitalOcean community the New York locations are easily found. A region is a geolocation with more than one data centre, for example, new york has 3 datacenters, NYC1 to NYC3. DigitalOcean didn't publicly list where AMS3 is, we expect AMS3 will be another Equinix facility, there are 7 Equinix Data centres locations in Amsterdam. Some of DigitalOceans older regions have limited capacity and thus creating new resources is disabled for customers who don't have existing resources in those data centres (AMS2, NYC2, SFO1, and SFO2). When launched the facility was owned by Telx, Telx was acquired by Digital Realty in 2015. Based on this register article we presume DigitalOcean are using LD5. (). Continue reading.

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