trivy scanner finds security issues in AWS

Trivy is a multifunctional, open-source security scanner. As of this week, Trivy v0.31.0 allows you to scan AWS accounts for security issues. It can scan various targets (filesystems, containers, git repositories and more) in order to discover security issues (vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and secrets). In summary, Trivy can now scan AWS accounts for security issues, with all the capabilities of its existing community-enhanced misconfiguration checks. The rules applied to AWS are all the misconfiguration rules built into Trivy for IaC scanning. Trivy uses the same authentication methods as the AWS CLI to configure and authenticate your access to the AWS platform. Whilst you can already scan the infrastructure-as-code that defines your AWS resources with , you can now scan your live AWS account(s) directly too. This means if you already use the AWS CLI, you should be able to run Trivy against your AWS account without any extra configuration - just point and shoot! (). Continue reading.

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