Las Vegas hacker summer camp: 25 years of tradition

What you might have missed at Black Hat and Def Con 2022 These are the best talks from the annual hacker gatherings Hackers, researchers, cybersecurity companies and government officials descended on Las Vegas last week for Black Hat and Def Con, a cybersecurity double-bill that’s collectively referred to as “hacker summer camp.” This year’s cyber gathering was particularly exciting: Not only did it mark Black Hat’s 25th anniversary, but also the first time since the start of the pandemic that attendees have fully returned to the carpeted hallways of the popular security conferences. Shaik told Wired that though these flaws are simple, they could be abused to reveal SIM card identifiers, SIM card secret keys, billing information and the identity of who purchased which SIM card. Belgian security researcher Lennert Wouters took to the stage at Black Hat on Thursday to showcase how he was able to hack StarLink’s user terminals — referred to as “Dishy McFlatface” by Elon Musk’s SpaceX employees — using a homemade circuit board, or “modchip.” This gadget permits a fault injection attack that bypasses Starlink’s security system and allows access to control functions that Starlink had intended to keep locked down. A cybersecurity researcher revealed it’s possible to hack into Starlink terminals using a $25 device. Victor Zhora, Ukraine’s lead cybersecurity official, made an unannounced visit to Black Hat, where he spoke to attendees about the state of cyberwarfare in the country’s conflict with Russia. But security researcher Patrick Wardle revealed during a talk at Def Con that a flaw in Zoom’s installer for macOS could allow attackers to gain the highest level of access to the operating system, including system files and sensitive user documents. In response, Virtru, best known for its email encryption service for enterprises and consumers, showcased a prototype period-tracking app at Def Con that claims to give users complete control of their private information. This meant that amid the mask confusion and subsequent influx of positive tests, there was a lot for the hacking community to catch up on. (). Continue reading.

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