SQLite - The Perfect Tool for Developer, Data Analyst, QA Engineer, DevOps Person, and Product Manager

Whether you are a developer, data analyst, QA engineer, DevOps person, or product manager - SQLite is a perfect tool for you. • For developers, SQLite is embedded directly into the app. And DBeaver is an excellent open-source database IDE with the latest SQLite versions support. You can build indexes on generated columns and even turn SQLite into a document database. • For everyone else, there is a convenient database console (REPL), provided as a single file (sqlite3.exe on Windows, sqlite3 on Linux / macOS). Takes just a couple of commands: If you are more of a BI than a console person - popular data exploration tools like Metabase, Redash, and Superset all support SQLite. A few well-known facts to get started: • SQLite is the most common DBMS in the world, shipped with all popular operating systems. I especially like Datasette - an open-source tool for exploring and publishing SQLite datasets. (). Continue reading.

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