McCullen Family'smission to Grow food The McCullen Family farm in Dublin provides fresh, local food for locals and tourists alike. The farm produces corn, beans, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, and chickens. The farm also provides hay, straw, and apples for local markets.

Like so many fields north of Dublin, this five-acre section of the McCullen family farm is gently rolling and lush even in late winter. John McCullen steps through a gate and into a small, green pasture. His steps are purposeful, his gestures deliberate and emphasized with a short walking stick as he approaches the centerpiece of the pasture: an old stone tower that looks no more remarkable than the multitude of other ruins scattered around County Meath. The tower was hundreds of years older than thought, and would turn out to be the only remaining building from a lost medieval monastery. Like John McCullen, whose lifelong curiosity about the pigeon house started the process of discovery, Stout has hunch about the site. Geraldine Stout expects to find more remains of the monastery, including its abbey and cemetery. In fact, they discovered it was the lost Cistercian monastery of Beaubec, a working farm, or grange, that was mentioned in medieval texts but never located by archaeologists. McCullen had a feeling there was more to the tower, however. (). Continue reading.

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