5 things we still don't know about Breath of the Wild

It's a great credit to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's game design that five years on, we are still discovering new things. • Random: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Easter Egg Showcases Nintendo's Eye For Detail • Feature: How David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Influenced The Legend Of Zelda Series What is your most impressive Breath of the Wild discovery? Those who have played Breath of the Wild — which, we assume, is almost all of you reading — will be well aware of the banana-dropping Yiga Clan and their duplicitous shape-shifting interruptions over the course of your journey. These various breakthroughs have come in many forms, from glitches to finding secret locations to interesting character interactions, and the latest one came from Reddit user's persistence in hunting down very specific NPCs. With over 200 NPCs spread across Breath of the Wild's expansive map, these finds are pretty impressive. Anchoring their search to the Yiga at Hebra Trailhead Lodge, the brave explorer was able to see a total of 14 different disguise options by saving or reloading the game (which forced the Yiga to do something of a virtual quick-change into another character). But did you know that each wandering Yiga member's disguise is in fact based on another NPC somewhere else in Hyrule? (Nintendo Life). Continue reading.

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