Boston Office foot traffic shows gaps similar to the previous two months when compared to 2019 figures

Office foot traffic in July 2022 shows gaps similar to the previous two months when compared to 2019 figures, suggesting many employees that will return to the office have already done so, a report from analytics firm said. S&P Global Market Intelligence offers our top picks of real estate news stories published throughout the week. Boston showed the quickest office recovery among cities analyzed by the firm, which also included San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago. Following the deal, iStar will sell 5.4 million Safehold shares to MSD Partners for $37 per share, or $200 million in total. REIT Replay: US REIT share prices fall during 1st week of August Foot traffic in the city was down 17.5% in July compared to 2019, coming from a 25.4% drop in June. * Ground lease REITs Safehold Inc. and iStar Inc. agreed to a tax-free, strategic combination. CHART OF THE WEEK: AEW Capital Management exits mall REIT holdings in Q2 ⮞ AEW Capital Management LP reduced its holdings in 27 of its existing positions during the second quarter, according to the real estate investment trust-focused firm's most recent Form 13F filing. (S&P Global). Continue reading.

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